Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Noon News.
During the business segment on the TV6 News at Noon, Fabian Pierre pronounced the name of that electronics company (Siemens) as "sigh-mens" when it's pronounced "see-mens".
Then there was a bar across the screen that said (again in the business segment) "US grows by 0.6% in first quarter". What grew? The country's land mass?
Now that would be a great headline if the country physically grew.
But since you later said it's the economy that grew, then you have to write that as well.
What about the hearing-impaired who did not hear your explanation? What about the person who was walking past a television and did not hear you?
That's what the bar across the screen is for.

Then over at CNC 3, Samuel McKnight had a report out of the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation. The thing that surprised us was the soundbite from the gentleman who said the corporation is going to use part of the savannah near the Centre of Excellence to create a car park.
What? Whose decision was that? Isn't the Centre of Excellence a private facility? Then why use state property to beef up that facility?
Samuel, they may have a very good reason for what they are doing, but if you leave your viewer with questions, then your work is only half done.