Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hema Ramkissoon of CNC3, here's another strike against your CG Operator/s who are responsible for the ticker tape running during your show on Thursday morning:
"Business: Energy Minister: No plans to remove fuel sudsidy". (This ran for your entire 2-hour show).

And for your interview with Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams, the bar across the screen says: "Flirting with Double Digits...The Way Foward".
Today it was the turn of Gia Paul and Shane Gulston to mess things up.

We wasted enough of the S word on that, so maybe this will help - Rosemarie Sant, Grenfell Kissoon, Gerry Brooks, Norman Sabga: PLEASE HIRE PEOPLE FOR THE CNC EARLY MORNING SHOW WHO CAN SPELL!