Friday, April 25, 2008


Gail Alexander of the Guardian, do you remember your imaginary Christmas wish list for politicians published back in December?
We remember it well.
Seems you either have goat mouth or you have a good thing going with Santa.

"Prime Minister Patrick Manning: All's Fair in Love, War and Politics by Ken Starr; Sixth, plastic-covered, tearproof copy of Sun Tzu’s classic treatise (large-print copy); Al Gore’s 2008 publication Global Warning (sic) for Dummies - Bigger City Buildings cause Bigger Greenhouse Emissions, Duhhh; Extra copy of above for Urban Development Corporation jefe Calder Hart; An Inconvenient Truth DVD with Trini subtitle, minus the Etheridge soundtrack;
Canon towels (to wipe the egg off of face in case scrutiny fails. Again); Private jet."

"For PNM MP Keith Rowley: Copy of agreement between UK’s Tony Blair and successor Gordon Brown; Forbes business dictionary for
geologists, When Levelling the Playing Field Doesn’t Mean Digging Up The Ground."

"The 20-plus new PNM MPs: Silence of the Lambs DVDs."

"Minister/House Leader Colm Imbert: Oven gloves to handle the URP & Cepep hot potatoes; Swiffer duster with heavy-duty cleaning attachments for the mess ahead in the Lower House."

"Parliament clerks: New set of Standing Orders to replace those which will be waved, held up and used as a whip, as well as abused, trampled upon and downright ignored in the term."

"Speaker Barendra Sinanan: Kevlar, flak jacket and a bigger stick than last term’s to defend himself."

"Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday: Bronze plate for Parliament desk emblazoned “So What?”; BET’s Top 10-climber CD, I Did It My Way or The Highway by 50 Cent with Frank Sinatra sampling."

"UNC MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj: Gene Autry CD Back in the Saddle Again; Fifth order of bird pepper (having exhausted Supplies 1 to 4 recently); Linkin Park CD Trying To Bend The Truth."

"UNC MP team: Mays Parliamentary Practice for the Caribbean, How Not To Make Like A Fish Market."

Guess Lenny Saith got the lagniappe.