Thursday, April 24, 2008


Shelly Dass interviewed Conrad Enill on The Big Story, and the show was titled "Enill Clears The Air". But did he say why Dr Rowley was fired? That would have been the question to ask and have answered.

At 9pm, the momentum with Dr Rowley was picking up, with live telephone reports from his constituency office from TV6's Keisha David and Natalie Briggs of C News.
However, C News had shots of Dr Rowley going into his meeting with his constituents earlier in the evening, while all we saw from TV6 was a head shot of Miss David. You were there since before 7pm. Why didn't you send your tape with Dr Rowley entering the meeting back to the station so we could see that video at 9pm?

At the top of the 9:30pm news on CNC 3, Sampson Nanton said what sounded like "Shuck and consternation" at the firing of Dr Keith Rowley.
They had soundbites from Dr Rowley's constituents, which made perfect sense, then Sampson announced at 9:44 that Dr Rowley was about to address the media.

TV6 carried live coverage, but there was a lot of background noise, so it was very difficult to hear what he was saying. I95 also carried live coverage.
TV6 experienced audio and video problems about 7 minutes into the broadcast, then at 9:59, Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks broke into the live transmission to cue a break ahead of the news at 10pm.
What was the point of that? Why didn't your producer just stick with Dr Rowley until the end? This was the biggest news of the day!

Then the news started with headlines and all, and the lead in to the first story was the same as at 7pm - Dr Keith Rowley had been fired, based on a statement from White Hall.
Was your producer sleeping? You had a response from Dr Rowley only minutes earlier outlining why he had been fired; why didn't you start by saying "Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley says he was fired because he spoke out against UDECOTT." or something like that?

So anyway, Bobbi then introduced a two minute soundbite from Dr Rowley from the start of his news conference, then she came back on camera to say they were going to rejoin Dr Rowley's news conference in progress, and they promptly went back to him at 10:03. Eh?
Well if that wasn't baffling enough, she came back on camera at 10:06 to cue a break in the middle of the news conference!
They ran ads for FCB, Opnet and a Percy Sledge/Learie Joseph Mother's Day concert. Steups!
Yes TV6, we understand you have to pay the bills, but not in the middle of breaking news!!! Steups!
After the break, Bobbi read a story about the National Security Minister commissioning a new patrol boat.

Thankfully I95 carried the entire news conference and two minutes after TV6 went to a break, the news conference came to an end.
TV6, you had probably the entire country in the palm of your hand, glued to their television sets, and what did you do? Go to a break!
You could have given us the full news conference, then gone to a short break, then come back with a shortened newscast.
Where was your competition when it was really needed?