Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here's a comment from a reader who wrote in as 'allibella' clearly irked by our observations, and those of Lennox Grant and Peter Richards, in our post on Standards in the media.

"Investigative journalists NEVER hide behind a nom de plume or an anonymous blog. Again, please tell us where is your credibility to make such statements. For all we know, you might just be a dyslexic bigot."

Well first of all, we never claimed to be investigative journalists, so we can call ourselves whatever we want.
But then again, clearly you aren't an investigative journalist either since you used a nom de plume to respond to our post (and that's according to your definition of what an investigative journalist would or would NEVER do.)
Second, are you saying that our statements are baseless? Then if they are, we can't understand why you would take offense.
And third, our statements on the media were posited against what veteran journalists Lennox Grant and Peter Richards had to say.
So if we are dyslexic bigots, then we are in very good company.