Friday, April 25, 2008


CNC3 and C News caught up with Dr Rowley at Piarco airport while he was 'making his next move to Tobago'.
No doubt heading to the Jazz Festival, and as Tony Lee said, everyone there will be whispering about this issue even if the great Whitney Houston is on the stage.

It seems that CNC's Neil Beekhee slipped in for the interview between Dr Rowley and the C News reporter, who asked him to respond to the PM's take on why he was fired. Well all Dr Rowley's answers were directed to that person; he didn't once look in Neil's direction.

But C News we find it passing strange that you were able to send someone to Piarco in the hopes of getting a reaction from Dr Rowley on the PM's statement, when the night before you didn't see it fit to give your viewers live coverage of his interview with the media just hours after he was fired.
Did the decision not to go live come from high up the chain of command or is there more to it than that?

CNC also had a packaged story on the responses to Mr Manning's statements from Dr Rowley's constituents. TV6 had the same idea, but they did a vox instead, and the video for the entire thing was green.
They also managed to catch up with Dr Rowley's brother in Tobago who told them he isn't really into politics and does not discuss the issue with his brother, then he said this: "Trinidad for itself, Tobago for itself; it happening to us long time." What? Was that answer in response to the national budget for Tobago? Who chose that as the defining soundbite of the interview?

And TV6, we were a little bit baffled as to why your People Meter question on Wednesday totally ignored the issue with Dr Rowley.
On Wednesday night, when the issue was the talk of the town, you asked your viewers whether they agreed with government's position to import farm labour.
Ok. Your producer could argue that there was no response as yet from the PM on why he was fired so that question would not have been relevant, and quite rightly you waited until Thursday to ask if viewers thought Dr Rowley's sacking was justified.
But on Wednesday you could have asked viewers if they believed the Prime Minister should explain Dr Rowley's dismissal. Clearly they were all waiting for an explanation.