Thursday, February 14, 2008


So Fabian Pierre of TV6, there was some reason that you had to tell all and sundry exactly where the CCTV security cameras are placed in Port of Spain and along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway?
We are almost sure the police did not place any ads in the media alerting motorists and pedestrians of the location of these cameras, so why did you decide to be so generous?

You had a soundbite with Gregory Aboud saying that the National Security Minister had sent officials to London to observe the operation of the said cameras, and we can almost guarantee they were told one thing: don't tell anyone where the cameras are located!

There was a story recently on the BBC about the use of the CCTV technology in London. The reporter gave us close up shots of the installed cameras as well as shots from the CCTV office of the images the cameras were picking up. But not once did the reporter say exactly where the cameras were placed.

And anyway, what was the point of your story? Maybe that's why the Ministry refused to answer your two questions.