Friday, February 15, 2008


Former Attorney General Keith Sobion has died.
Jessie May at CNMG don't you think this sounds better than "Former Attorney General Keith Sobion is dead."?
As a viewer/listener, if we did not hear the earlier newscast and already knew that he had passed away, that statement would have been very jarring.

Anyway, the news broke on Thursday that he had passed away in Jamaica.
CNC 3 naturally led with the story, as well as CNMG.
But not TV6. Not sure if they are just going for the element of swimming against the tide, but this would be two nights in a row.
TV6 led their newscast with word that one of the accused in the kidnapping of the teenaged girl had been held. Okay.
Then they went to the story with the National Security minister saying there would be no state of emergency.
Then they got around to doing about 4 stories in a row on Keith Sobion's passing. First a package from Marcia Hope.

Kudos to Marcia who was the only one with a telephone interview with Caricom Secretary General Edwin Carrington talking about Mr Sobion's career and his efforts to enlighten the region about the Caribbean Court of Justice. The graphic at the bottom of the screen was entitled "Carrington: Caribbean has lost an icon."
That is not lead story material??

And at 10pm that story contained several glitches.
We saw a graphic with the very fine print come up on the right side of the screen covering half the graphic of Mr Carrington's face.
Then something was wrong with the super on the screen - it looked hastily put together like a child's art project pasted on the screen.
Then Marcia also spoke with a Mr McDonald by telephone, but alas while his soundbite was running, the graphic with Edwin Carrington's face stayed up on the screen for the entire time.
So no one caught those mistakes at 7pm and ordered that they be corrected for the later newscast??
A case of bad habits rubbing off on rivals.

And later in their newscast, Sasha Mohammed referred to the TTUTA president as Job Pierre, when we all know his name is Roustan Job, with the incorrect name appearing on the screen at 7pm and 10pm.
Why should your loyal and we suspect dwindling pool of viewers bother to look at your newscasts when clearly no one at TV6 is looking at their own products to ensure they meet the highest industry standards??