Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dominic Kallipersad, Head of News at TV6, you mean you make your company pay for a full page ad in the Express for a news anchor, then you turn around and fill the position yourself?
We know very well that you are a veteran in the field, but come on! Your presentation in the 7pm news on Monday was stiff and cold.

OK. Samantha John had the night off and thanks for telling us.
But just in case you didn't know, you have two people right under your nose who could have filled the spot: Diane Baldeo and Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks.
It can't be that you are giving Diane time to get used to being on tv because she is not new to the industry, and anyway she does a better job reading the news on weekends than Sammy Jo and Cherise D'Abadie did during the week.
And while Bobbi is yet to read the 7pm news at TV6, she was a face we got used to during the elections, and she also had a short-lived stint as news anchor at WIN TV, and she read the midday news on TV6 last week.

And we realize things didn't go as planned while you were reading.
The lights went out, the people meter question came in the wrong place, you didn't have a weatherman, you didn't have any weather graphics, and you said "Let's take a look at the weather in your neighbourhood today.", but you then waved your hand and said "If we had it we would have showed you."

We never, ever thought we would have to say this, but please bring back Samantha.