Friday, February 15, 2008


Did anyone else suspect that Samantha John at TV6 was referring to businessman Bernard Dulal-Whiteway as Mr Dulal Whiteway?
She did a telephone interview with the gentleman on the Ansa McAl BS&T issue and she said "We have Mr Dulal Whiteway on the phone. Good evening Mr Whiteway...".
First question....."Mr Whiteway, can you tell us...".
Second question...."And Mr Whiteway....".
Wind up....."Thank you very much Mr Whiteway for your time....".

Sammy Jo, he is one of the premier businessmen in the country and probably the region.
Even if his first name did not appear in your teleprompter, there's no excuse for dropping part of his surname, unless you were not aware that Dulal was part of the surname.
So during that entire interview, not one single person told you that his name was Bernard Dulal-Whiteway?
It's even worse that you did not know.

You and your manager need to have a talk about current affairs. This issue with BS&T did not just crop up, nor has Mr Dulal-Whiteway suddenly appeared on the business scene.