Tuesday, February 19, 2008


New information on the Guyana issue: there's a partial lockdown in Bartica where gunmen killed several people on Sunday night.
CNC 3 and CNMG naturally led with that at midday.
But once again, TV6 goes against the tide.

They begin their newscast with a package from the BBC about Fidel Castro's announcement that he is stepping down.
That would have been a great lead story if nothing else important was happening in the region!
For your information, that story has been on the international stations since 3am, so it's not new.
Why didn't you lead your 6, 7 or 8am newscasts with the Fidel Castro story, because it was not widely known at those times that there was a limited lockdown in Bartica?

Anyway, at the top of their newscast, Fabian Pierre interviewed Vic Fernandes who is in Cuba. He asked Mr Fernandes (in a rather confused way) if there have been any signs of Cubans protesting for democracy. Well Mr Fernandes rightly told him that Cubans are not yet widely aware that Mr Castro has announced he's no longer going to be Head of State.
Then Fabian goes on to ask Mr Fernandes to, in essence, analyze the situation, and he points to what the European Union has been saying about Cuba. But once again Mr Fernandes puts a spoke in his wheel by telling him that he is by no means an expert on the international relations surrounding the issue, and he is just speaking as someone who is on the ground in Cuba, and from what residents who have heard Castro's announcement have said.
Whose decision was it to call Mr Fernandes, and who came up with the questions?

They came to Guyana as their second story with a package from Charlene Stuart, who said there was a partial lockdown following the massa-car. Miss Stuart, get it right. It's pronounced

Well TV6 at least the consolation is that you did not lead your midday newscast with the usual murder.