Monday, February 18, 2008


TV6 has a full page ad in today's Express for 'an' anchor.
Well the only position we can think of that would be vacant at this time is that of Cherise D'Abadie who usually reads the 7pm news with Samantha John.
So has she left the company? Is that why Samantha has been resisting our calls to say that Cherise is on vacation?

Well Samantha we still can't cut you any slack because you are the visual embodiment and voice of your company.
All it takes is some courtesy, as we've said before.
If Cherise has indeed left TV6, what is the difficulty in saying so at the top of the newscast or for the company to print an ad informing their loyal viewers that someone they've seen night after night in their living rooms and bedrooms is no longer with the company? This should be done whether they've parted company on good terms or not.

But this is not the first time viewers have been treated so shabbily by the various stations.
When Francesca Hawkins and Che Rodriguez left TV6 several years ago, there was no announcement. When Odeka O'Neil left TV6 there was no announcement. When Shelly Dass and Roger Sant left TV6 there was no announcement. When Carla Foderingham left TV6 and then CNC 3, there was no announcement from either company. When Colleen Holder left TV6 there was no announcement. When Hema Ramkissoon left CNMG there was no announcement.
(BTW, we have had no explanation for Dr Morgan Job's sudden absence from TV6's Morning Edition. Are we also to be left to assume that he is no longer with the company?)

When Dan Rather was leaving CBS, everyone knew about it.
Yes there had been some wrangling over a story he did, but the company was also aware that this man had been at the forefront of their nightly newscast for many years, and they appreciated that their viewers would want to know that the relationship had ended.

"On June 20, 2006, CBS News president Sean McManus announced that Rather would be leaving the network after 44 years. Rather issued a separate statement which accompanied the news of the departure."
Yes the stations here can say that none of their anchors have been around as long as Dan Rather, but then there is the subtle suggestion that the contribution of the anchors to your programmes was incidental.

We can just imagine what excuse was given to callers who wanted to know what happened to those anchors over the years.
Courtesy, courtesy, courtesy.