Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well CNC 3 has to get some kudos.
They were the only ones with enough sense to lead their Monday newscast with the arrival of the victorious 20/20 team at the Piarco airport.
Why? Because it was the most timely piece of news coming off the victory 24 hours earlier.

Roger Sant, why did your director leave you on the wide shot with Odeka and Shelly while you read that loooong lead in?
And Astil Renn, did you have to go with that corny Queen song "We are the Champions" for your billboard for the cricket stories? Was that your idea?
And your opening shot should have been the team captain or manager holding the trophy or the team being applauded by fans at the arrival hall, not the chronological shot of the Miss Trinidad girl pinning a corsage on anyone!

Then Charlene Ramdhanie is back reading the 7pm news on CNMG. You've been away too long Charlene; you seemed rather stiff and formal, not conversational at all.

TV6 led their newscast with the energy story. Boring. Sorry Marcia Hope, we missed the lead in because we were still soaking in Dominic.
We saw a new graphic that a story narrated by Karen Cozier Phillip had been written by Nathalie Chrysostom. Interesting. But why didn't Nathalie voice her own story?

And still with TV6, Dominic you read a story about the Morvant taxi drivers protesting, then you went to the more laid back Matelot story voiced by Karen, then you went to another road protest in Woodland. Why didn't you just keep the protest stories together, then go to the Matelot piece to end that segment?
The overall effect was very jarring.

Did any of the news producers or assignment editors know that there's an international conference on now by the UN on falling world food supplies? Well CNC 3 knew about it. They ran a 15 second voice over on that story at 7:58pm. But earlier in the newscast, they ran a story from Otto Carrington who was interviewing the Agriculture Minister about something or other. Not a single word was mentioned in the story about the international concerns about food supply, because Otto was probably not aware of it.

Marcia Braveboy of CNC, your story on the UNC began with a close up shot of white double doors and the words "Behind these doors...".
What was the point of using that shot when the very next thing we saw was Kamla Persad-Bissessar sitting at a desk in the room that was behind the doors?
That shot and phrase would have been effective if the meeting was closed-door.