Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here's a message from one of our readers, ML, who is unhappy with the writing that abounds in the media.

'I would like to appeal to you to bring examples of POOR writing to the forefront of your website.
The problem is one created by Media Houses for which they are now suffering in silence.
One of the greatest stumbling blocks has been the LOW pay, great reporters were offered, forcing them to find other occupations - some far removed from the media.
What we have now are more like c
To site examples of the incompetent stock would be too humiliating to those people.

However today, I'd just like to bring to you an example of the type of poor cliched writing that abounds, after I just pulled up the Guardian's Wednesday page, shortly after midnight -
Here we have Camille Clarke writing in her first paragraph:

"THE DREAMS of a 16-year-old student to become a professional footballer came to an abrupt end yesterday, after he was stabbed to death at the Success/Laventille Composite School."

Can we get more unoriginal than that??'

So Camille, what do you have to say for yourself? We hope you are not one of the "dregs in the older stock, and a bunch of newbies who don't know left from right."
It's true the writing leaves much to be desired, but again it's the managers to blame. Reporters need to be trained, and if they are accepted without training, then the managers need to check themselves.