Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The producer of the 9:30pm newscast on CNC 3 on Wednesday made a boo boo by leaving in a stand up that Neil Beekhee did for his story on the Bajan PM's arrival at Piarco.

We suspect the stand up was done to coincide with the midday newscast and ahead of talks between Mr Thompson and PM Manning, as Neil said at the end of his story that Mr Thompson is here on his first official visit and that they were sure to discuss the fishing dispute in order to come to some resolution.
All well and good for the midday news.

But at 9:30pm the lead story was a package from Sampson Nanton saying that the two men held talks, with both saying they wanted to see a speedy resolution to the matter, and Neil's story came after that.
So the producer of the 7pm newscast did not check that story before it went to air to ensure the information was still relevant? Neither did the 9:30pm producer?