Wednesday, February 20, 2008


OK C News, you were the only ones with video of lawyers for the TTFF and the local PFA in London, as their legal matter got underway.
Kudos to Charlene Ramdhanie for getting the shots.
But you left a lot to be desired in the editing.

Perhaps Miss Ramdhanie sent the video of the scenes outside the court back to the Port of Spain office so the story could be edited.
For the entire story she referred to the footballers' claims for monies owed during the 2006 World Cup, but did we see a single shot from any game that the Warriors played while on German soil? A resounding NO!
What we did see was "Sports Archive" video of the T&T team playing a match in a near-empty stadium in Trinidad, and the shots were repeated!

Those guys played in three games in Germany as we all know, yet you couldn't come up with one single frame of file video of the matches against Sweden, England or Paraguay, or even a photo from one of the games? Steups!

PS. Ean Wallace, at 9:07 pm, why were you telling your viewers that they could begin to see the lunar eclipse at 8:30pm?