Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Richard Charan of the Express says 60 year old Deoraj Narine "was driving along the Mayaro/Manzanilla Road (Tuesday afternoon), when he lost control of his Mazda 323 and crashed.
Two other people in the car, Sharmilla Ramlogan and Bobby Narine, were also seriously injured.", along with a one year old baby.
There's no mention that Sharmilla is 11 years old, or that Mr Narine's daughter also died, or that her 7 year old son Anthony was also in the car.

The Newsday's Rhondor Dowlat and Ralph Banwarie meanwhile say "THREE MEMBERS of a Mayaro family, including an 11-year-old girl, were killed yesterday evening when the vehicle they were in crashed into a coconut tree...".
The writers go on to say that four other family members were injured as they were "returning to their Mayaro home after selling cascadura in Sangre Grande.", and that 37 year old Neisha Bissoon was driving her car when she lost control; she was killed instantly and her father and 11 year old Shamilla died while on the way to hospital, and Miss Bissoon's 13 month old son is in critical condition.

But the Guardian's Sascha Wilson says 37 year old Demawatie Buchoon was driving the car, and she and the little girl died on the way to hospital while Mr Narine died on the spot.
The writer adds that "Anthony and two other persons—Buchoon’s 13-month-old baby Devantie and Ishmael Salim...are in hospital.
"Family friend Videsh Ramadar...said they had hired Buchoon to take them to Arima to purchase auto parts and picked up Salim...".

TV6's Samantha John says "The family were returning home from Arima..." and that the "...13 year month old baby..." is in hospital.

And Golda Lee of C News meanwhile says the family hired a taxi driven by Miss Bissoon after going to Arima to buy car parts.

Are you as confused as we are?
The one thing all these stories have in common is that none of them have a single picture of any of the persons who died, or of the survivors.