Friday, February 22, 2008


Aay, aay! Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks is reading the midday news on TV6.
Did she fill the news anchor vacancy?

And she's interviewing Andy Johnson who has just arrived in Guyana.
Good that the bosses over there finally decided to send someone to Guyana, but nearly a week after the 'massacre'?
So you have three people in the newsroom from Guyana: Marcia Hope, Charlene Stuart and Mr Ramsaywack, so there was no shortage of personnel. So whose decision was it to send Andy?

But Bobbi, do you think it was appropriate to tell Andy "Enjoy your journey into the interior."?

And we are guessing it was bossman Dominic Kallipersad's decision to send Sasha Mohammed to St Vincent earlier this week to interview Dr Ralph Gonsalves when his alleged rape issue was already dead in the water, even before you decided to send someone to Guyana?