Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Media Watch will say it again because we understand Sasha Mohammed was once a newspaper reporter and she's still adjusting to TV. Media Watch has a problem with the fact that the adjustment is taking so long; it's more than one year since we've been hearing her over at TV6, nevertheless, we are going to be patient, at least for now.

Sasha, Sasha, what's wrong with your head during your stand-ups? You are always tilting it to one side, and constantly jerking it in a weird way, it gives the impression that you are epileptic. Don't mean to be so harsh but Media Watch certainly doesn't know how else to help you get with the programme.

And oh, TV 111 dictates that you never start a package with a stand-up, that is unless you are live. Basic, very basic, Sasha.

Media Watch also has a bone to pick with Charlene Ramdhanie. Both young ladies (Sasha and Charlene) are covering the tribunal hearing and like 'good' tv reporters, they realize that they should bring some visuals to the script, since cameras are not allowed in, so kudos they are doing daily stand-ups.

But like Sasha, Charlene does strange things with herself when she's doing her pieces to camera. On Monday, Charlene's clothes were untidy, she was without make-up and a bit shiny, and there was just too much hand movement. It was way too distracting and worse, your editor took forever before he cut from your sign off. So the audience was made to suffer through you standing there blankly for a few seconds more.

Tonight, your stand-up was an improvement, Charlene. Less gesticulation, but still enough to make Media Watch want to tie your hands behind your back. Yes, we know the need to tell the story, but do it effectively choosing when to use your hands.

Please the two of you, look at your tapes. Looking back at yourself does wonders.