Saturday, September 8, 2007


Did a Head of Government in Caricom die? The wires tell Media Watch yes, Sir John Compton, the Prime Minister of St. Lucia passed away.

AP's story was posted on Sat Sep 8, 3:39pm. But Media Watch would never have guessed the people in St. Lucia are in mourning because the newsrooms locally treated the story like it was just another murder.

The weekend news on TV6 and IETV buried the story somewhere in their newscast. Shame on you all. Media Watch waited to see how the newspapers were going to cover it and Media Watch must tell you...our admiration for Newsday is growing.

That was the only newspaper to give the story any prominence. Media Watch is beginning to believe the time has come for all producers and editors to be enrolled in the "Recognising News" course, at least the beginners' level. Come on now.