Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sasha Mohammed, you are taking much longer than anticipated to learn the do's and dont's of stand ups. Maybe you should look at the BBC and CNN a little more closely for some pointers. For one thing, you need to pick a focus point, whether the camera or the camera man or a spot behind his head and keep your eyes there. When your eyes dart furtively around during your stand up, it suggests to your viewer that either you are not interested in the story you are trying to tell or you really could care less to tell it to them.
Also, pay a little more attention to what you want to say and stick to your script. You tend to ramble on and on, suggesting that you say the first thing that pops into your head. The best reporters are not afraid to script their stand up and practice before they actually record it. Do you look back at your stand ups before you head back to the office? Don't be afraid to ask the camera man to roll tape again if you are not satisfied.
You also need to pay attention to your hair and wardrobe. There are products you can use to prevent those stray-aways, and your jackets don't seem to fit properly, perhaps they are a tad too small?
Media Watch is concerned that you have not learnt the five p's - proper planning prevents poor performance.