Thursday, September 20, 2007


Media Watch is really not picking on you but if you are the first thing viewers see every night they turn on their tvs at 7, Sasha Mohammed, you are going to have to do a whole lot better than you are doing right now.

Today we shall begin by saying that your stand-up tonight was an improvement from the others we've seen so far. Tonight there was less movement altogether and it came across alot more professional and controlled. However, Ms. Mohammed you need to work on the hair, clothes and moreso the script. Your pieces are too long. They go on forever. Yes, we know it's probably close to 8 hours of testimony but it's your job to condense it all and make it succinct. Leave half of those details for the newspapers when people have time to read them at their leisure; your viewers just want to know the main points. Try to keep your story under two minutes, nothing more, and for god's sake, cut out the parentheses; Media Watch and your viewers cannot follow all those thought interruptions. Besides which, this style of writing has no place in television.

Charlene (R), you are learning nothing night after night with those stand-ups. Given you don't make Ms. Mohammed's mistakes and your pieces are much tighter, but you still need to watch what you are doing with your hands; they get way too high in the camera shot and this defeats the purpose of what Media Watch knows you are trying to do. You can do better. Act like you've been doing this thing for a while and you know what you are doing.