Thursday, September 20, 2007


Dear TV6,

For Pete's sake, who decides on the order of stories for the News @ 10? It's bad enough at 7 sometimes, politics and more politics, and Sasha Mohammed back to back with seemingly no let up. But the trend over there is usually to improve and get it right at 10.
But recently it's been a mess, night after night over this last week. Could someone explain how a story about a floating hospital and another about the launch of a UTT campus, made it to the air before a piece about the Minister of National Security, Martin Joseph talking about Fresh's murder?

Both stories, the one about the floating hospital and the other about the campus, had poorly written lead-ins and sounded to Media Watch, especially in the case of the hospital, as deserving of nothing more than some video, a sot, more video and another sot; in order words, a VSVS if so much. Reporters, tell the viewers what's in it for them, don't do P.R. for Minister Rahael; choose what you put your voices to.
Producers send them back to cut it down. And to reporters, again please find some news value before you decide your assignment is worthy of making a national newscast.

Fed up,
Media Watch.