Monday, September 10, 2007


"Once a script has been written and handed to the newsreader it becomes his or hers alone. The reader must identify with the story and transform it from being mere words on a page. The copy has to be lifted off the paper, carried through the microphone, transported over the airwaves, and planted firmly in the listener's imagination. And that is done by telling a story." - A note to Cherise D'Adabie.

To Fabian Pierre from David Dunhill, a U.K. voice trainer -
"Modulation can add interest to the voice and variety to an item, but random modulation coupled with universal stress can make an audience grateful for a commercial break."

For Cherise and Samantha and Naette and Hema: "Few professionals rely on ad-libs to see them through a programme. Back-announcement, station identities, comments and seemingly casual links are usually scripted. Always engage your brain before putting your mouth into gear - think before you speak."