Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Mark Bassant, you are one of those reporters Media Watch feels has potential. Admittedly, your reading can do with some work but in the main you try, and your efforts to write to pictures show in every one of your packages and you understand that doing stand-ups add credibility to your stories. But please, when doing your to camera pieces, take the earring out. It's unprofessional and distracting. Leave it for your time at Zen.

Hema, you went on and on about a piece that supposedly come out of the police weekly press conference, but why all that narration, almost 40 seconds of it, before a sound bite from you? Hema, sound on tape is always more effective than anything you can script. It's a habit of yours, try to get out of it.

And who wrote that piece about the "secret burial"? One little note to you; there's a difference between 'secret' and 'private'.

Golda, very refreshing to see you back on set. You look put together, much easier on the eye than your sister, Naette. But young lady, don't bring up a soundbite that says exactly what you said when you introduced it! Use the time the producer has given you wisely.

My dearest Joanne, did you not call Sonya or Barbara? Your voice needs work. Until then, hand over your scripts. That piece you did too was more deserving of space in the newspaper, that is how poorly written it was. It's a feature piece; get creative, use your nat. sound, and you will notice there is no need for all that script. It's called writing to pictures. You killed the piece with all that talking and you managed to annoy.

Mr. Head of News, please send your reporters and seemingly your producer - since some of this crap, sorry, errors, make it on the air - for some training.