Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Across at TV6 it would appear that there's need for training. Those young ladies, Sasha Mohammed and tonight Sharmilla Persad clearly don't understand the medium they are working in or they do not know the basic rules that govern effective writing for tv. Surely Craig or the newly appointed CEO can do something to help them. But wait, where is the producer? Doesn't Carlisle Hinkson see that his reporters are starting their packages with stand-ups? How come they make the air?

Nevertheless, Media Watch will attempt to help young Ms. Persad since it appears she missed last night's notes to her colleague. First and foremost, NEVER start a package with a stand-up unless you are going live. And please, could you contact Sonia or Barbara, surely you must know that your voice should not rise as you get to the end of a sentence? Your voice needs lots of work and so does your appearance. Tell your cameraman to keep the shot tight until you let out your jackets. It's a visual medium Ms Persad.

And while Media Watch is on the topic of appearances, this is another appeal to Naette to get out her flat iron, clean the bright coloured make-up off of her eyes and leave those loud, leafy earrings at home.