Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So last night's lead was obvious...the Minister of Health, John Rahael telling his boss thanks but no thanks. Everyone got that right, but did any of the producers think outside of the box and attempt to distinguish from the pack what might have appeared to be a straight forward political story?

Not really! But Sampson Nanton must be complimented for trying. He was the only one who had the sense to compile a biography of the Minister, reminding us, or even informing some, of Mr. Rahael's beginnings and his achievements. His piece might have been more solid if he had said something about the Minister's most controversial moment as a public figure, his "trademark", some if any insight into the man.

How come no one tried to go live to a political analyst who might have been able to put Mr. Rahael's announcement in the context of what's currently happening in the PNM? Lost opportunity.

Additionally, Media Watch wondered why Mr. Nanton did not try for a stand-up. His story depended heavily on file footage, as a result the piece could have been lifted if he had captured a telling shot of the Minister, froze it and used it as his background and the basis for an in studio stand up.

Of course Media Watch is assuming no one had the time to go down to the Ministry of Health or for that matter visit Mr. Rahael's constituency, a man in the streets perhaps?

Remember you TV people, always think of how you can make your pieces more interesting for the viewer. To you Mr. Nanton, Media Watch knows you can pull off a darn good stand up. So the time has come for you to forget that unfortunate incident
and start doing pieces to camera once again.