Monday, September 24, 2007


Trinidad Express TV is the newest thing to hit T&T, but can anyone over there tell me why they have posted shots of their "presenters" which are truly unflattering? Aretha Welch and Kristy Ramnarine look like they are unhappy to just be internet presenters and should have been given a shot at the real thing on TV6. While Rowan Gould looks like the cat's meow to have been given this "privilege" at all. Multimedia Editor Miss Lashley needs to take another look at the picture of her new stars.
And pray tell Miss Lashley, has there been even minimal success to your "new venture"?

And months after TV6's former Head of News Natalie Williams vacated that position, her name is still posted on the company's website in that post. Acting Head of News Carlisle Hinkson must not be too bothered by that at all. And Media Watch has been reliably informed that Express Editor Alan Geere is also no longer holding that position, yet again his name is still holding pride of place on the website. Maybe the good people over there don't want anyone to know that there's an exodus?