Monday, September 10, 2007


It might have been hilarious if it wasn't so annoying.
That nonsense passed off as a live interview on TV6 on Saturday. Media Watch cannot believe for one moment that the lazy idiots across there never took the time to do their homework. Imagine you finally got the man the entire country has been talking about, his poll is now the source of an upheaval in the ruling party and the first question you asked him is if he's ever polled in Trinidad.

Why didn't you use the limited airtime to ask the "hard" and pertinent questions. Some background research would have given you the answer. Even if you felt the viewers needed to know this information, then skillfully place it in the question. It could have been worded something like "So Mr. Johnson, you have been polling here in Trinidad for (insert how many years)and (insert years again) the world over, your scientific method is now being questioned, how can you defend this poll as credible?" Ask him about his methodology.

Instead that first foolish question was followed by other questions about the general elections. How did you all arrive there? The poll Mr. Johnson did and is now the bone of contention and is being questioned is the one about the strength of its membership.

Yes the issues are related (and Media Watch is trying to humour you here), but it had no relevance in that interview unless you fully exploited and explored the issue at hand.

What was more obvious is that Cherise D'Abadie was being fed the questions. It didn't work; you and TV6 made a mess of things. And to add to the annoyance, Miss D'Abadie kept bobbing up and down. What's up with all the head and upper body movement? It's distracting. And what in god's name were you glancing away at?