Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Now, now TV6 and Express, someone across there has totally lost their sensibilities and or marketing savvy. Media Watch checked and checked and found nothing to suggest that OCM no longer owns both TV6 and the Express newspaper, so pray tell, could someone in management say whose great idea it was to come up with Express TV on your website?
Let's try to work this out. So we type in your web address and then what? It's not enough for us to just scroll to the story we want to read, but we now have a bevy of beauties reading it to us? Well if the idea is get the vision impaired to go to your website then kudos, and the time has come to revisit us having to pay to watch TV6's News on the internet.
If you are doing tv, get it right. We need to see more than just Rowan Gould and her colleagues talking about the headlines with a couple of still photos. Where is the natural sound? Where is the live video?
We will give you that it's different, but how is this enhancing and complementing the OCM product? Steuuuups!