Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, well, TV6 has another new catch. None other than former poster girl at WIN TV...Bobbi Jeffrey. She has joined her former boss Sunity Maharaj and co-anchor Fabian Pierre. Well she may be able to give Cherise D'Abadie, Samantha John and Fabian a run for their money in the news reading department. But Bobbi, don't let it go to your head just yet. We have not seen or heard you on camera yet, so maybe they are keeping you under wraps for the elections. But Media Watch will keep a close eye on those developments, particularly if you fail to pay attention to our (sometimes) gentle criticisms.

And speaking of TV6, Media Watch hears that anchor Colleen Holder is in China. We hear that she is the talk of the morning radio shows, with one announcer questioning whether she is on special assignment for the station ahead of next year's Olympics.
Well Media Watch has been reliably informed that Miss Holder resigned from TV6 last month and China is the first stop of many for her. Maybe she's job-hunting? By the way George, do your homework....we hear she is in France now.