Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Steups...Media Watch tries to ignore Ms. Mohammed, but each night she is the first person on the TV6 newscast, putting us to sleep with her unnecessarily long pieces or her crooked stand-ups. Sasha why ask all those questions in your packages? Didn't you yourself get the answers, so why put the viewers through that? Where in hell is your producer to cut all that nonsense out? Steups. Media Watch is leaning towards recommending your return to the Guardian where it appears you are best suited: sparing the viewership your scary looks, your overly-dramatic voice and your annoyingly long scripts that are certainly not written for TV.

Media Watch sometimes wonders if the present crop of journalists was trained for the medium they are working in. Well, not just them, their producers too. How come Fabian Pierre got away with ending on a sound-bite, and a weak one at that? Media Watch is not going to repeat what should be an elementary lesson for you Fabian. But from here, it appears that most of you presently on national tv should be cutting your teeth at some community station.

And while on TV6, Samantha, get the pronunciation of that French firm awarded the contract for the construction of the rapid rail project. Check with Sasha or even Charlene Stuart. Shame on you. The name should be rolling off your tongue by now.