Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Real people read Newsday!
Well Newsday, your editorial judgement on Saturday allowed you to surge way ahead of the competition with your photo of six year old Priya Seeram holding up her Humming Bird Medal. You understand your audience and know what they want. While Express and Guardian went with shots of Priya with the President and the Prime Minister, you stuck to the main attraction, describing her bouncing gait as she went to greet the President.
Priya was no doubt the star attraction when she began classes at her new school on Monday, but there was not a single word or shot of this from the various television stations. That would have been a natural follow up story, to see Priya surrounded by her
new-found friends admiring her medal and rubbing shoulders with the country's youngest ever national awardee. Lost opportunity. But it's left to be seen if the Newsday will stay ahead of the competition and follow the story on Tuesday, or if it will be beaten this time around.