Thursday, September 6, 2007


So on Wednesday the PNM rolled its election caravan into Laventille. C News with its newest technology went live to Curtis Williams and by live, Media Watch doesn't mean via the telephone.
Anyway, there Curtis was on the scene...the crowd or lack of...
gathering, as the backdrop.
But it all fell apart when Golda tossed to Curtis to say what was happening. He struggled, struggled and struggled. Media Watch would never have guessed he is one of T&T's best, and here Media Watch is paraphrasing that new government programme.
Curtis you sounded and looked amateurish, you fumbled through the report.
Next time don't try to wing it. Just write your notes...the best of them do it... keep them nearby so when your brain freezes... there's something to refer to. Good God!
Your 9 pm piece was an improvement...still not good enough though.