Sunday, October 28, 2007


So TV6, Media Watch was a bit surprised to see your Saturday newscast extended to 45 minutes instead of the regular 30 (without a heads up to viewers), so we thought we would see how it would pan out before commenting.
So on Saturday your lead story was the airport chaos and the possible legal action by the CAA. Yet your competitors, CNC and CNMG both began with the chopping of the COP candidate. Both stations as well had soundbites (Dookeran and Gopaul-McNichols), but TV6's story from Fabian Pierre had more shots of the Police Commissioner than the man who was chopped, and no soundbites.

CNMG's Curtis Williams had a package from the PNM's youth rally, but we did not see anything from TV6 at all. IETV's story from the rally ended with a looong piece from the man dancing in short shorts, then up comes Vernon Ramesar with a straight face to say that a man had been stabbed to death following a political meeting!
TV6's newscast ended at 7.45, but there did not seem to be any real extra content, except for the additional ads.

Then on Sunday the same applied with the extra time. CNC and CNMG lead with the prime minister, Six led with air traffic problems. And we finally saw the PNM rally packaged by Sharmilla Persad. Did the rally and the edit finish on Sunday morning? And TV6 finally got a sound bite from Dookeran on the stabbing, 24 hours later.
And even though the newscast was again extended by 15 minutes, a story by Sasha Mohammed from the UNC meeting in Point Fortin was the last thing we saw; but just about a minute into the story, it was cut abruptly and Miss John said goodnight. Did you encroach on the time for commercials?
And Miss John, the mosquito which spreads malaria is pronounced "AID-ees egypt-i" NOT "EYE-dees egypt-i", and that northernmost village in Tobago is pronounced "SHAR-lotteville", not "CHARR-lotteville" as in charbroil!

IETV's lead story on Sunday was also the air traffic story, with Giselle McIntyre saying that tempers "soared". Should have been "flared". Then Ria Rambally wrote a story on Kelvin Ramnath on the hustings following "a heart surgery". How many hearts did he say he had Ria??? Then she said nothing will stop him from "partaking in politics". He's having his politics with fries??? Steups! Then Giselle again comes up to say "the body of a man discovered dead...". EH? And again the lead in to Ria Rambally's story on the boy who was knocked down on the bus route read that the driver "was unauthorised to use the bus route." Had enough? Well one more from Giselle. She did not wait for the director to go full screen with a story, so as soon as she reads the lead in, we see her combing her hand through her hair. Tut tut.

The highlight of Sunday's news was CNMG's Mark Bassant. He looked comfortable throughout the newscast, then at the very end he said "Well that's where we wrap up. (Startled pause) Stay with us. (Laughing pause and a wave of the hand). And have a good night." Then he looked down and laughed. Mark believe us, your viewers were laughing with you, not AT you.