Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sunil Ramdeen and Jessie Mae Ventour seem to be suffering from a lack of sleep during this hectic political season. Jessie read the midday news on C and she looked like she was about to fall asleep. She co-hosts First Up with Fazeer Mohammed so we're guessing she has to be at work by 4am, so midday is really the end of her shift. She looked really tired, and her face was shiny, as if she was called up to read the news at the last minute.

Then Sunil is "chief cook and bottle washer" over at WIN TV. He does a morning show, a night talk show, plus he reads the news and he is the Head of News. But then again, it's expected that you'll be working a bit harder since your newsroom has been depleted.
By the time he got to the sport stories on the midday news, he was reading so slowly we thought he was slurring.
Media Watch is hoping you'll be popping lots of vits in the coming days because your station promos say that WIN TV will be going live to the three political party headquarters on election night next Monday. How are you going to split yourself?
And Sunil while you're at it, can you try to have someone record a clean feed of your political meetings? You showed a repeat of Winston Dookeran's speech in Sangre Grande on Monday night, and the location and "LIVE" were stamped on the top left hand corner of the screen. The video looked like it was recorded off the tv on BetaCam. Why didn't you just get the cameraman to record the speech for play back? Then when you went to Patrick Manning's speech on the hustings on Monday night, the video was perfectly clean. Why the discrepancy?

One more thing. Your sports reporter, Kent Fuentes needs to be taught how to write to pictures. His story on Roger Boynes went on and on, but for the first 30 seconds, we heard Kent's voice and saw Roger Boynes sitting at the press conference talking (no sound from Boynes), so it looked like Boynes was having an out-of-body experience. Then at one point Kent said "Speaking at this afternoon's press conference...", and this bit was repeated. No one caught that in the editing process or when it first aired on Monday night? And why did you choose to repeat the story in its entirety at noon the next day? You really need some sleep Sunil.