Sunday, October 28, 2007


So TV6, the point of having Andy Johnson out on the promenade at San Juan early on Friday morning was what?
First of all, no one knew he was going to be there (except the ten viewers who saw the last minute of the 10pm news on Thursday night when Cherise D'Abadie was prompted to tell people to watch the Morning Edition). Why didn't you create a promo? Was the trip to the Croisee a last minute decision?
Andy came up as usual at the beginning of the show and told viewers he was in San Juan, but the next time we saw him was at 7.14. So we had Dr Morgan Job in studio doing a loooong interview. What was the problem? Did Andy's guests show up late?

Well in the first place, Andy should have been anchoring the show from the outside location; it would have added the live dynamic element that's often missing from studio interviews. Secondly, even if the Croisee guests showed up late, why didn't the producer pull a question out of his or her hat and pull people off the street so that Andy could interview them? It would have saved your viewers from being bored by Dr Job and switching to another station because they were wondering where Andy went to.

Then later in the day, CNMG carried live coverage of the PNM's manifesto launch, with CNC 3 taking a live feed. What did we get from TV6? CRICKET! Granted, if Brian Lara was on the pitch for the West Indies Media Watch is sure even the PM would have postponed his speech. So once again TV6 is playing catch up with CNMG, even being upstaged by cable station 3.
And once again no live video from the elections campaign platforms from TV6 on Friday night. Even CNC went live to the COP platform in Gasparillo.
It's three weeks and counting TV6. You have one more week to redeem yourselves.