Saturday, October 13, 2007


CNMG seems to be winning the ratings war since the general election date was announced. On the very same night, C News began its Campaign 41 elections coverage. Sure the three main stations carried live coverage of the presentation of candidates from the three main parties, but C News is the only station that has given viewers live coverage (with video!) of the various political meetings during the week.

CNC 3 does not have the ability to go live on its own, therefore it's really a two horse race between C News and TV6 to see who can pull in and satisfy more viewers over the next few weeks.
Media Watch is of the view that C News is definitely leading the way. They have had live reports from all the main political meetings during the week, with reporters on the scene, interviews and live video from the platform. But what has TV6 done? Close to nothing! TV6 had telephone reports from Sharmilla Persad and several others on the campaign trail at the political meetings, but no live video until Friday night when the UNC presented its last batch of candidates. What's up with that TV6? You seem to be resting on your laurels, taking credit for being the number one television station during the last survey, but not living up to that in recent times. Don't you have a functioning elections plan in place?
And where was political reporter Sasha Mohammed on Friday night when the UNC was in St Augustine? Well we were introduced to Shamelia Thomas. Her picture is nice, but she gave too much unnecessary information at the top of her report, and she could do with some polishing on the voice.

And TV6 all the other stations had video from Prime Minister Patrick Manning's walkabout in his own constituency on Monday evening. At the end of the 7pm newscast on C News, there was video from Curtis Williams interviewing Mr Manning, but there was not a word from you on this, not even the next day. What happened there?
You need to pick it up during the coming week. Even your Morning Edition is going live to City Gate and the Beetham Highway to take comments on the elections race, yet you can't rustle up a night crew to go live to at least one political meeting? Steups!