Wednesday, October 17, 2007


OK Media Watch was hoping to stay away from this topic for a while, but there's just so much fodder that it could not be ignored.
Media Watch's list of best dressed tv personalities includes TV6's Andy Johnson, CNMG's Julian Rogers and a distant third place goes to CNC 3's Roger Sant. Keep it up guys; your dapper suits make you stand out from the crowd. (Sampson Nanton probably would have made the list too based on past experience, but we haven't seen him in months). Ladies, the men are showing you all up! You need to get stylists to help you pick the right outfit for your skin tone and body size.

But so far the few who aren't doing too badly are Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks at TV6 and Golda Lee at CNMG. Their suits are not over-the-top and there's no token cleavage. Morning Edition's Keisha David is looking very dapper these days (thanks to some gentle hints from Media Watch). But Keisha you need to remove those sunglasses you insist on propping up in your hair on mornings; they are just as unnecessary as the clip board Media Watch scolded you about.
And Cherise D'Abadie finally got a suit in blue that complements her complexion; some of the others make her look older than she is. But Cherise ditch those HUGE pearl earrings which do not belong on a news set.

Cordielle Street of CNC 3 you are trying and you probably would have topped the ladies' list, but your choices are questionable sometimes like that school marm high-necked, pink floral top with the pink sweater AND pearls AND your grandmother's brooch (usually you are smart-looking in pin-striped suits). Then there's Talk City's Jessie Mae Ventour. Her suits just do not fit properly and the colours are too dark for her complexion.
Charlene Ramdhanie do you have anything to wear besides that grey pin-striped suit and the green inner piece? And Naette Lee you need to give the black and peach jackets a rest.
And while we are on C, someone needs to tell the plump young lady who reads the news on the Talk City/CNMG morning simulcast that it's not an entertainment show; she shows too much cleavage for a serious newscast.

For the rest of you, try to get a company-sponsored stylist or just search the net to get some tips on how to put your best-dressed foot forward. After all, you are in the limelight and even if your company does not pay attention to your wardrobe, trust us, your viewers are paying very close attention.