Thursday, October 25, 2007


IETV showed us some blatant horn tooting when their news presenter Maxine Maharaj read a story that the station was being congratulated for inviting (via press releases) the leaders of the three main political parties to take part in a political debate. According to Maxine, "None of the candidates has officially responded.", but she went on to say that Dr Tim Gopeesingh believes Mr Panday would be willing to participate in the debate.
Well Maxine, before you get too excited, Media Watch is willing to bet that the other television stations have already beaten IETV to the punch in inviting the political leaders to a debate. BUT WITH PERSONALLY ADDRESSED INVITATIONS!
Media Watch can just imagine your RSVP:

Letter to the Editor
Dear Sir,
Please allow me to use this space in your newspaper to decline the public invitation from IETV to a debate among political leaders.
Unfortunately, the TATT informs me that your station does not have a national broadcast license, and because I don't discriminate, I tried to base my decision on fact.
I found your media survey results hidden in a slim slice of the media pie, so I am now forced to consider the personal invitations from CNMG and TV6.

Secretary #2
for Prime Minister Patrick Manning

PS Why is the satellite dish on your set graphic so much larger than the map of Tobago?

And once again Nadine Hackett, you have lots of potential and Media Watch is pleased to see you persevering with your standups.
Still a bit stiff though, and some of your words sound a bit strange, e.g. 'nine "hondrod"'. But Media Watch has a question. Who came up with the name for your segment, "Judgement Day"? Did someone get a heads up on the apocalypse at a planning meeting? It does not work because the segment does not have a hard edge, and the subject matter is run of the mill news.

Charlene Stuart, was there an earthquake when your cameraman was taking cutaways for your interview with Merle Hodge and Hazel Brown? Well the earthquake did not register at the Seismic Research Unit, so clearly you need to tell your cameraman to use his tripod! Reporters, don't be afraid to insist that your cameraman use his tripod. Your viewers don't see or hear the name of the person who shot the video; they only see your name and you will get the blame when the finished product looks like crap.

Sasha Mohammed, do you recognise this statement? "...the claims and vitriolic attacks in the last few weeks..." in reference to a story on the UNC. Whose claims were vitriolic? Those of the media or those of the UNC? You need to be very clear who you are referring to, and break down the big words.

Simone from CNMG, please don't let the Digicel show take up all your time, because it seems you are not doing enough research for your more serious role on Campaign Trail. How could you ask Nafeesa Mohammed when the Children Act will be passed? She was right to remind you that parliament has already been dissolved. And why didn't you jump in to ask her why her government took two years to bring the legislation back to parliament, when Kamla Persad Bissessar AND every other women's group in the country was calling for this after the murder of Sean Luke? Lost opportunity. Steups! Politicians will get more chances to run their mouths without check.
So powers that be at CNMG, if the political big boys and girls do decide to come on the show, will you consider bringing in a seasoned journalist to interview them? Guess not. You'll probably (and hopefully!) just schedule them for Campaign 41 with Julian Rogers during the evening news.