Monday, October 15, 2007


It's strange to see someone doing political interviews when their claim to fame is entertainment tv. Simone from CNMG started as a flight attendant, then turned to acting on local soap opera Westwood Park. When the station opened she hosted the Morning Ritual and is now the judge of the Digicel Rising Stars show...
she's known as 'Judge Dredd'.

Well now she's interviewing political candidates such as Vasant Bharath and Karen Bart-Alexander on CNMG's 'Campaign Trail'. Not your typical career path, but Media Watch can't imagine Paula Abdul interviewing US political heavyweights Barach Obama and Hilary Rodham-Clinton next to, say, Larry King and Anderson Cooper.
Well Simone I guess we'll have to wait and see how your career shift pans out. Wonder what was going through Karen and Vasant's minds when they showed up on the set and saw Judge Dredd? (Guess she's following in the footsteps of TV6's Sammy Jo, oops, Samantha John who started as a radio DJ.)

And Media Watch has been reliably informed that another tv personality, we'll call her Miss S. from WIN TV is soon expected to fly the coup to head to CNC 3. Recently WIN reportedly told staff it was closing its newsroom for a while, so several staff members went to other stations, including Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks who is now at TV6. Well Miss S. just took a bit longer than the rest with the job hunting. We'll see.