Monday, October 15, 2007


OK clearly Media Watch is not alone in its observations about the standard of media work and presentation in Trinidad and Tobago. Only recently Dale and Tony's conversation turned to the matter of pronunciation by television news presenters and one in particular. We'll spare you by not mentioning your name in this forum since more than 50 thousand people already know who you are.

Why do you persist in saying 'homocide' instead of 'homicide'? Why do you persist in saying 'saries' instead of 'series'? Why do you persist in saying 'may who' instead of 'Meighoo'? You need to get your act together, and this goes for all your other colleagues at all media houses who think they are number one! Your managers should hang their heads in shame every time they turn on their television sets. Why are they not exposing you to proper professional training to help you improve your craft????

It's a known fact that media managers in this country often take people with the bare minimum of media/journalism training and put them on the air because they sound good or look good. But your audience is very discerning and they are aware that all is not well. Take heed because there will always be new kids on the block who can do a much better job.