Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Simone Harris over at CNMG, "How do you feel about that?" can only be asked so many times without getting idiotic responses.
Your interview with COP candidate Danny Solomon was a classic example. You told him he and the PNM's Gary Hunte are new to politics, then asked "How do you feel about that?". He said he does not feel threatened and boasted about all those one on one meetings with community leaders. He lambasted Mr Hunte for not walking around enough to meet with residents, yet one of Mr Solomon's own colleagues recently said the candidate should not have to walk around; the community should come to him/her. Why no challenge on that?

Next, you said "There's been a lot of campaign violence happening. How do you feel about that?" Well how do you expect him to feel?

Then, "What do you think about your political leader Winston Dookeran?". Surely you were expecting him to say he thinks Mr Dookeran is a bad leader and will lose the election?

Then you moved on to St Ann's being a PNM safe seat, and you piped up with "...they've been in power for almost forever." (Yes people, that is verbatim.) Well Simone your forever seems to have a ten year gap.

And you seemed to be on the defensive against all Mr Solomon's statements about the PNM. At one point Media Watch felt as if YOU were a PNM candidate and Mr Solomon was the interviewer.
Then he said the British government HAS Trinidad and Tobago on a list of countries not to visit; you did not correct him, since that travel advice was lifted months ago.
At the end of the interview you said about his constituency "...I think it's a PNM stronghold." Your OPINION is not important Simone. You are the interviewer and you are supposed to KNOW.
Then you said "I'm Simone Harris and I'm out." Steups!
Once again Simone, your interviewing skills are very weak and you need to do much more research before you interview anyone else. Hopefully your bosses are monitoring your lack of progress on this show. You'd better stick to being "Judge Dredd".