Wednesday, October 24, 2007


What is the purpose of rehashing the previous evening's news every half hour the next morning during the talk shows, when it's the same stories over and over? Both CNMG and TV6 are at fault here.
Why not try to get some fresh stories from the newspapers and use file video over the scripts?

And why is Derek Ramsamooj on your morning show for an entire hour CNC? Is he your in-house political analyst? Well you need to let your viewers know that; it's like too much of a good thing. But is there really a need to bring him in three times a week? On election night you can keep him on set for as long as you like, but on a day to day basis, try to vary your guests. Hazel Brown was also on for a long time. You will bore your viewers.

Miss David at TV6, on Tuesday night the Prime Minister told supporters that the sugar industry would be revived "Over my dead body"; that was the front page story in your sister paper, the Express on Wednesday; Andy Johnson spoke about it in detail; yet when you went to City Gate on Wednesday morning to poll commuters, you went back to Anand Ramlogan's threat to take legal action against anyone holding dual citizenship contesting the election (front page Guardian on Monday). What gives?

Miss Khan Daniel over at Talk City, why hasn't your producer provided you with a teleprompter? You look really uncomfortable looking down at the scripts then looking back up at the camera when you're reading the half hourly morning news.
Also, please try to wear jackets that fit. Media Watch was hoping you wouldn't pass out because that pink jacket looked like it was cutting off the blood flow to your arms.
And one more thing; remember that tv is a visual medium. One morning you turned up without a stitch of make up. That would be perfectly acceptable if you only have to deal with listeners, but you would be tempting your very savvy viewers to switch to the well made up Miss David, Miss Street or one of the American networks if they have to face your un-made up face again.
And getting to work late IS NOT AN EXCUSE.
(NOTE FOR FAZEER: E! has a new show called "Yo on E!". Take a look.)