Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sophia Khan Daniel of Talk City 91.1/CNMG has a great voice.
But finally the station's viewers can figure that out without being distracted by the cleavage at 6am while she reads the news.
Thank you for keeping it professional.
And Sophia remember that you also have listeners who are not sitting in front of a television set and will not see your name flashing across their screens, so you and your stand-in news readers/presenters need to identify yourselves before or after your news updates.

Recently your colleague Fazeer Mohammed gave an explanation as to why his producers decided to let the viewers see all the activity that takes place in the radio studio during the morning simulcast. He claimed it was so that the viewers had an idea of what really went on in a radio studio without seeing random people walking around behind the presenter "waving and picking their noses".
Well Fazeer you have been guilty of what you accuse your competition (probably Gayelle) of. Unfortunately one morning while you were engaging in some very personal facial grooming, your director took a very clear shot of you. Don't you have monitors to let you know when you are on air? You need to take that up with your producer.

And Cordielle Street of CNC 3 it's nice to see you've reverted to your fitted jackets; you present a much prettier picture now.
But you need to keep an eye on the person who is putting up your written graphics. What is "Issuses For The Campaign Trail"? That graphic stayed up for quite a while one morning until someone finally got it right. And CNMG's telephone graphic saying "Online", to let viewers know that someone is being interviewed via telephone. Shouldn't that be "On The Line"? Online refers to the internet, not so?