Thursday, October 25, 2007


OK TV6, we finally have to give you some credit for going live to an outside event at night. But Sasha Mohammed interviewing Errol Mcleod at a protest outside White Hall? What happened to the three political meetings that were taking place in Fyzabad, St. Helena and Tabaquite?
On Tuesday night the UNC was in the Croisee. You had Sasha on the phone. Why no video? Are you sure your viewers will see a political platform before the election?
So unfortunately Media Watch can't give you a passing grade just yet, although Sharmilla Persad was at the Fyzabad meeting, but on the phone.
CNMG kudos to you....Curtis Williams in Tabaquite (by phone), Sasha Harrinanan in Fyzabad (by phone), and Golda Lee with live video feed from St Helena.

On Monday night, Cherise D'Abadie cheerfully announced that the TV6 news would be extended to two hours and your own promos say viewers will get "...up to the minute news and action from the political platforms". Even Bobbi is in on the promotion; she's been shown with the company's engineers looking over expensive equipment that is supposed to bring live pictures from the platforms (perhaps on election night only!).
Then Cherise also did not say that TV6 Extra would begin at 8-30, so your viewers who have come to expect it at 8 were left wondering whether they would see it all. And now "On the Margin" is a segment within Extra? What happened to the Monday night 9pm slot?

Extending the newscast needs to be done properly, because when you promise elections coverage from 8pm, that's what your viewers want to see. Case in point. Monday night at 8pm your viewers saw a story on John Rahael opening a health centre and soon after that, a story on real estate fraud.
Wednesday night the international weather forecast was going on at 8:01, followed by a long commercial break, followed by Inside Business. The first time your viewers saw a political story was at 8.14. A telephone interview with Keisha David at a political meeting. But Cherise why did you try to wrap up Keisha and tell your viewers you were running out of time, when earlier there were at least five irrelevant international stories that seemed to just be fillers????