Saturday, October 27, 2007


Media Watch was really disturbed to hear the 6pm newscast on I95 on Friday evening.
The lead story was that Caribbean Airlines had cancelled several flights on the airbridge. Up comes the company's PR Manager listing each and every flight that was cancelled, about 15 in all. "BW 1520, BW 1521...etc, etc, etc". This went on for about a minute. At the end of her sound bite, Janelle comes back up to say the flights were cancelled because the runway was closed for repair work. AND THAT WAS THE WHOLE STORY! What was lead material about that?

Then Janelle went to a story from the PNM's manifesto launch, with a sound bite from Conrad Enill. She went to two other stories, then came back with a sound bite from Patrick Manning from the same manifesto launch, and introduced it by saying "...his public utilities minister...". How did she come to be owned by the PM?
Then again there was another story from the PNM, this time from Martin Joseph. She says "The minister says in the future steps will be taken to deal with crime." And whoever wrote that story didn't go up to Mr Joseph after the launch to ask him what he was doing for the last few years that he didn't have time to deal with crime? Steups!