Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Kudos to Andy Johnson for what Media Watch will call his "on the road" series: going to the communities and asking for their input in the election discussions. The session at the Hugh Wooding Law School was especially informative, as was the session with university students some weeks ago. And Dr Job "gave Jack his jacket". The special pieces as well in the morning are informative. But Miss Stuart, please ask your editor not to use talking head shots of the political leaders over someone else's voice. It's distracting and confusing.

Robert Clarke over at Gayelle, your piece on the two cousins contesting the Barataria/San Juan seat comes three weeks after TV6's Fayola Bostik and IETV's Nadine Hackett ran the same feature.
Magella was very gracious in accepting a bit of criticism from a caller on Cock a doodle doo, which she co-hosts with Dennis McComie. The caller said she listens too little and speaks too much. Dennis looked a bit exasperated and the nail in the coffin was when the caller referred to him as Errol Fabien. He promptly hit the receiver on the telephone.

And Keith Clifford where have you been all weekend? The talk of the town has been the trip to South Africa by Basdeo Panday and Jack Warner to "meet" with Nelson Mandela. The ad was played during a break on your morning show, and the well-informed Cordielle referred to it. What did you say? "I did not see it and I don't want to make an uninformed comment on the issue." So Keith wants to take a look at it then call up Jack Warner and have him clarify once again the purpose of the trip and the outcome. Good luck. Even the South Africa Times has the issue splashed across its pages on Sunday. Where have you been? Anyway, here's the site for your info.
And to all the reporters in this country, why didn't any of you do the requisite background checking before running Jack Warner's side of the story wholesale when he returned from his "meeting"? You were all scooped by a South African writer.