Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well Media Watch missed the inaugural programme of activist Verna St. Rose Greaves on Gayelle, titled "Treeaay", so we have no clue what that word means. But Verna, there are ways to do things.
Recently you were on the set with two female election candidates. At one point you said "I am getting a three minute sign. What's that? The end of the show? (And you seemed annoyed when you said) Alright, but let's take some more calls." Steups! Why do your viewers have to hear that?
And later someone called and said something about your head, they were cut off, and someone else called and commiserated with you, and the two of you went on and on about whether you should cover your head. Keep it professional.
And what's up with the "set"? It's a desk with a black curtain up behind you and lots of lights, and you have a credit for the "set" at the end of the show? Steups!