Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, well Jessie Mae Ventour of CNMG, looks like you had a very good night's sleep after you ended your early morning and lunch time shift yesterday. You are bright and bubbly in red and white, they have definitely adjusted the lighting on you and the rapport between you and Fazeer is excellent.
Keisha David you also look nice in bright blue and white outside City Gate. Not sure if we like the earrings and necklace combo though. Just keep the earrings.
And over at CNC, Cordielle Street looks exasperated and bored by Keith Clifford, who went into a looong monologue before they looked at the newspapers. Well Cordielle, Media Watch is exasperated too.

CNMG's news lead at 6am was a Chaguanas man was shot to death in Port of Spain late last night, but TV6's lead was that the UNC leader Basdeo Panday wants to set up a young offenders court if his party wins the election. TV6 went on and on with the UNC, six sound bites in all, a total of six minutes, then a sound bite from the prime minister about a blood feud. What about the COP meeting last night? Not a word about that.
CNC as well went on and on with Hazel Manning and schools, then a package from Marcia Braveboy on Flow's new cable charges. Why did you need to replay that entire story? Free ads for Flow's broadband cable.

And TV6, whose idea was it to start the Morning Edition right off with the news? There's no welcome from the hosts, so just imagine walking straight into someone's home and sitting down to have breakfast without even saying good morning to the people who own the house. And we don't see Andy Johnson and Dr Morgan Job until 6:18. By then your competitors have already got into the meat of their first interviews.